Terms of Service

PLEASE NOTE: My store is an independent service from eCrater. Please do not contact them in regards to my products or orders.

----------GAMES AND SYSTEMS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

All items have been cleaned and tested properly to insure working order prior to listing. If I am unable to test, this will be otherwise noted in their individual listings. Most items are cleaned using basic recommended cleaning techniques with no harsh chemicals.

Systems will be tested using a number of different games and peripherals to ensure accurate diagnostics.
Rechargeable batteries such as the one in Game Boy Advance systems aren't tested to their maximum capacity, only of its effectiveness.
Repairs will be performed occasionally such as replacing parts and making internal adjustments. This will be mentioned in their listings and depending on the result, will have their prices adjusted.

Games will only be tested for a short period just to see if they work. Disk based games have their intro cinematic viewed (if any) and beginning stages selected for brief play-through. Cart based games with an internal battery for saves will be wiped clean of previous game data, if possible. Games that have a dead battery will NOT be listed.
The electrical components / contacts on game cartridges will be thoroughly cleaned before testing and will have a second cleaning again before shipment.

Used PC Games are not tested personally due to complications of system specs and incompatible hardware. As well as the lack of 3.5" and 5 1/4" disk drives for vintage titles. These games will be sold As-Is! Please be aware of compatibility before purchase.

Most of my products will be NTSC format releases as I host an American based store. I will however be providing imported versions as I get them, and they will be labeled as such.

----------PRODUCT QUALITY----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I use a simple rating system to explain the overall condition of my items. Since condition is a matter of personal opinion, I will do my best to label them properly by clarifying them with the following text:

Poor (Grade F): Product has severe visible damage, but still of a collectible quality. I promise these items are in 100% working condition. I will NOT sell anything in any worse of a physical or operational value.

Fair (Grade D): Has some visible damage; not too bad though. Typical quality of an over-used item.

Good (Grade C): Passable to the casual eye with only a few noticeable blemishes. Not over-worn; basic used quality.

Very Good (Grade B): Very minor age wear. Extremely well kept from its original owner; little to no wear.

Excellent (Grade A): Top quality! Like new on every level with barely any visible wear!

Depending on the condition of the item/s, I may follow the quality type with more a detailed individual description, as well as added photos. The photos provided are of actual item/s. I do occasionally use stock photos, though these will be labeled as such.

ITEMS SOLD AS-IS: If I am unable to test an item for any reason (i.e, lack of needed system to test on) and it's still in collectible condition, I will label it "Sold As-Is!" and allow the product to be purchased.
PLEASE take into consideration you are agreeing to buy a untested product and will have to bite the bullet if it doesn't work.
Once I am able to test these items I will adjust the listings accordingly.

----------PAYMENTS AND SHIPPING----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I only accept PayPal at the moment. No Google Wallet, money orders, personal checks or C.O.D.

All orders made will be processed within the first 48 hours after payment is received (Sundays and Holidays are an exception). After Processing, orders will be shipped next business day or depending on certain situations, as soon as possible.

Shipping prices will vary depending on product type, size, weight and volume. As well as adjustments from added fees and insurance.

Most smaller light weight items such as games, accessories, figurines, etc.. will be shipped securely in Bubble Mailers by First-Class Mail

To prevent over pricing, select items such as Books over a pound will be shipped Media post (this is a cheaper amount but of a more lengthy delivery).

Heavier/larger orders such as Consoles and multi-item purchases will mainly be shipped Flat Rate Priority or Parcel Post.

Multiple items purchased with have their shipping prices adjusted automatically at checkout (via ecrater's weight based system). Again, please contact me if other shipping arrangements need to be made. This includes international requests.

NOTE: If PayPal payments aren't received right after item sale, I will wait 72 Hours for the payment to be processed. Non-paid orders like this will still have its item/s available to the public for purchase until said payment is through. Keep in mind there is a chance another buyer may purchase these items during this time. If I don't receive any note on the subject or any type of payment adjustment in the time given, I will cancel the order.

Please be sure all the information provided through PayPal are correct before purchase. Such as contact, email and shipping address.
I will not make any last minute adjustments for a shipping change. ONLY what is provided with payment method will be used.
I am not held responsible if a package is lost by being delivered to the wrong address or returned to us by the Postal Service due to a incorrect shipping address.

NOTE for International orders: I will be shipping all packages Priority. I am also not responsible for any charges customs may make or delay in package arrival. Please keep all this in mind when placing orders.


I thoroughly test and inspect ALL of my items prior to listing. If your item is received in an nonworking condition, I will honor a full refund. I would appreciate no finger pointing as these things can happen every now and then, especially with old electronics.

Items sold "As-Is!" are not covered for returns. As I had mentioned before and in their individual listings, I am not held responsible for any non-working items that were bought "As-Is!".

I will honor returns for only a few reasons:

1) Depending on the situation, if an item is not desired within the first few days after receiving it, I may be able to provide you with a refund. Because you are uninterested in this item, it will NOT be my responsibility to refund the shipping and re-shipping cost. You must provide this at your own expense. Only base price for item with be returned.

2) If an item is defective on arrival, please contact me right away with a complete description of the issue. Including pictures or any other info that can help the situation. As soon as the package is returned to me and the item is inspected, I will provide you with a full refund. This includes original shipping cost as well as return-shipping cost.